Diversity and Good Relations

Beam have extensive experience delivering Good Relations programmes which explores diversity and challenges attitudes and behaviours using creative methods that ensures participants retain key messages more readily.

Beam has delivered programmes encourage participants to:

  • Respect and understand diversity.
  • Gain an awareness of the values, beliefs, customs and traditions of others.
  • Understand own identity and respect others from different community and cultural backgrounds, abilities, orientations.
  • Develop a positive perception of others from a different community/cultural background.
  • Understand the issues around the legacy of the conflict and the changing demographics of Northern Ireland and Border Counties
  • Promote positive engagement between people of different religious, political and cultural backgrounds.
  • Understand the impact prejudice and hate crime has in their community.
  • Demonstrate how they can positively impact the culture around them.
  • Understand the impact of division and the importance of cross border / cross community network and shared spaces in relation to Peace and Reconciliation.

We use interactive learning techniques, discussion and visual aids to provide a lasting image and message amongst those participating.

Our awareness programme will include a variety of thought-provoking activities, including role play and scene development to challenge attitudes and behaviours.

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Examples of Diversity and Good Relations Programmes

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